International Arabian Horse Association IAHA NSAIDS Drug Report
Our Charge: "Conduct an impartial study to determine which AHSA category best serves the Arabian Horse Breed -- No Foreign Substance or Therapeutic Substance Group"

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The Drugs/Medication ad hoc Study Committee was appointed by IAHA President Mary Anne Grimmell in August 1996. The mission of this Committee is to study the effects of using therapeutic substances on Arabian horses in the show ring, determine whether the Arabian Division of AHSA shows should show under a no therapeutic substance or limited therapeutic substance rule, and report to the 1998 IAHA Convention with findings, conclusions, and recommendations for delegate action. This committee has accomplished its mission and is bringing forth a resolution to the delegates of the 1998 Convention based on our findings.

The following report contains an overview of the kinds of therapeutic substances known to be used during exhibitions in Arabian horse show classes. The short-term and long-term effects on both the individual animal and the breed are taken into consideration and reported herein. This Committee has attempted to bring forth information necessary for IAHA delegates to understand the full impact of therapeutic substances on both the physical well-being of the animal as an individual and the impact upon the Arabian breed when the horse is, in essence, representing the breed and is shown under the influence of these substances in the manner they are used in today’s shows.™ Community LogoWebsite Design and Hosting
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