International Arabian Horse Association IAHA NSAIDS Drug Report
Our Charge: "Conduct an impartial study to determine which AHSA category best serves the Arabian Horse Breed -- No Foreign Substance or Therapeutic Substance Group"

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This Committee has come to the following conclusions:

1) Horses showing in the Arabian, Half Arabian, and Anglo Arabian Divisions aged 4 years old and older shall show under the AHSA therapeutic substance rule. Horses aged 3 years old and younger shall show under the AHSA no foreign substance rule, with the exception of the allowance of antibiotics as per AHSA for health purposes.

Because of today’s constantly-changing science and technology which brings forth new discoveries in the drugs/medication field, IAHA has an obligation to our Arabian horses’ well-being and, therefore, should periodically and regularly review the drugs/medication rule(s) and address the issue taking into consideration new medications, new research information, new detection sciences, and any and all areas that have been updated and affect this subject.™ Community LogoWebsite Design and Hosting
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