International Arabian Horse Association IAHA NSAIDS Drug Report
Our Charge: "Conduct an impartial study to determine which AHSA category best serves the Arabian Horse Breed -- No Foreign Substance or Therapeutic Substance Group"

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In summary, the following considerations are listed as the areas most affected by the use of therapeutic substances in our shows.

Man-Made Discomfort/Soreness

Forced, unnatural frames in most of the divisions in our shows.

Slight to severe lameness due to bad footing and/or improper foot angle and length.

Conformation-Caused Discomfort/Soreness

Poor conformation can benefit from the use of therapeutic substances which may camouflage those defects. This can influence breeding decisions which can impact the future of the breed negatively when these horses compete with success and are selected for breeding based upon these wins under such circumstances.

Showing under therapeutic-substance relief for injuries can cause further, and sometimes permanent, damage by continued use of the injured area instead of resting with any exercise being prescribed specifically for the problem and under a totally controlled program.™ Community LogoWebsite Design and Hosting
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