Providing Classic Horsepower Across The Web
Providing Classic Horsepower Across The Web

Today's Lessons on Basic Web Building

2good texas cattleWhat's happening at™ lately? I've nurtured my loyal clients over the years and gladly coach them on web marketing basics to help keep their businesses thriving through thick and thin. Lately, I have discovered several new clients who've taught me how much I'm still needed! The web isn't getting any easier, and computer skills won't magically increase by themselves.

Check Your Links!

It's curious what I will find - like the client in my article - this story was first published in SiteProNews and I've updated it here to share with you;

In addition to several troublesome keyword issues, here are the mistakes I usually find;
1. Correct site or page descriptions are missing.
2. Phone numbers and addresses aren't posted on each page.
3. Multiple large photos slowing down the site.
4. Dead links; today I found 3 on a local stallion station's page, repeated on each page!
5. Social media is not listed, is out of date, and often completely abandoned.
6. The business background, purposes, and offerings are not stated.
7. Photos are labeled incorrectly.

Be Fast and Be Found!

Big beautiful magazine imagesThe average website looks lovely as a magazine layout, but heavy images - regardless of how lovely - won't help their online brand. The readers don't stick around and wait for a slow page to load even if they're beautiful. It surprises me that the most important part of building your website is usually an afterthought. You've certainly complained about slow sites when browsing the web; create a better experience for your clients. There are other things I always check, but rock-bottom basics must come first.

If you'd like your business to grow, join my community. We're building for your success. Contact me.

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By the way, I'm also available to speak to your business or group.

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