When did you last change the oil, check the tires, or have normal radiator maintenance? Sure, you'll pack extra halters, girths, and lead ropes in the trailer, Horse Hauling Safetybut it's equally important to prioritize your vehicle's maintenance before hauling your horses down the open road. 

Let's dive into a comprehensive maintenance checklist to tackle before and after you embark on your favorite rodeo, trail ride, or horse show adventure.

1. Tire Maintenance  

A truck or trailer tire failure while hauling your horses is dangerous. Hauling a Tennessee Walker mare and stallion, (Midnight Cavalier,) over Snoqualmie Pass many years ago, we had a blowout and had to pull over on the old, narrow highway! Worn-out tires, overloading the trailer, or hitting pesky potholes can all be culprits. Today's highways require good tires, and a spare tire is essential. Replace truck and trailer tires when needed, and ensure they're inflated to the recommended pressure.  

2. Engine Care  

Engine trouble, be gone! Regular oil changes are your vehicle's best friend. Breakdowns caused by neglected maintenance or overheating need to be a thing of the past. Keep your engine going strong by paying attention to your manufacturer's recommendations. Tackle any issues head-on and avoid more serious problems later.  

3. Electrical System Checks  

Regularly check your battery and charging system to keep breakdowns at bay. Don't let electrical issues ruin your horse-hauling experience. A dead battery, faulty alternator, or other component failures can be a real headache. Better battery brands, (AutoZone is my favorite,) come with roadside assistance to help you get home safely!

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