High Brow Cat: The Unparalleled Cutting Horse Sire 

High Brow Cat has made an indelible mark on the cutting horse world. With offspring earnings surpassing $84 million, this remarkable stallion has solidified his place in history as the industry's leading sire, producing phenomenal athletes such as Dont Look Twice and Metallic Cat.

Sire line;  High Brow Cat - Docs Hickory - Doc Bar - Three Bars - Eclipse - The Darley Arabian

Doc Bar: The Foundation of Modern Cutting Horse Bloodlines 

Doc Bar's contributions to the cutting horse industry cannot be overstated. His offspring, including prominent names like Doc O'Lena and Dry Doc, have had a profound impact on cutting horse genetics, earning him the well-deserved title of a "sire of sires." 

Sire line;  Doc Bar - Three Bars - Eclipse - The Darley Arabian

Peppy San Badger: The Legendary Little Peppy 

Peppy San Badger, affectionately known as "Little Peppy," was a powerhouse in both cutting horse performance and breeding. His undeniable talent and exceptional bloodline, with roots tracing back to King P-234, have cemented his place among the greats, producing offspring such as Dual Pep and Haidas Little Pep.

Sire line; Peppy San Badger - Joe Reed - Ballot - Leamington - Eclipse - The Darley Arabian

Importance of Mare Lines in Cutting Horse Pedigrees 

Mare lines are just as crucial as sire lines in the development of outstanding cutting horses. These maternal bloodlines contribute to a horse's genetic makeup, influencing its physical attributes, temperament, and overall performance. Strong mare lines, when paired with exceptional sire lines, can produce offspring with unmatched cutting abilities and potential for success. 

Notable Mare Lines in Cutting Horse History 

Camel, blk h 1822, Foundation Thoroughbred Sire

Some exceptional mare lines include Royal Blue Boon, (~Three Bars,) The Smart Look, and Playboys Ruby, (~Three Bars,) Royal Blue Boon, a descendant of the legendary Boon Bar, has produced world-class cutting horses like Red White and Boon, Peptoboonsmal, and Autumn Boon. The Smart Look, a daughter of Smart Little Lena, has produced NCHA Triple Crown winners like WR This Cats Smart and Dual Smart Rey. Playboys Ruby, a daughter of Freckles Playboy, has produced champions such as Ruby Tuesday DNA and Playin T Etta. 

Understanding the Mare's Influence on Cutting Horse Pedigrees 

While sire lines tend to receive more attention, mare lines are equally vital in the creation of a well-rounded cutting horse pedigree. Understanding the mare's influence in a horse's lineage allows breeders to make informed decisions and produce the next generation of cutting horse champions.

Tomorrow's newest "blue hen mare families" are just waiting to be discovered by savvy horsemen! Cutting horse competition gives equal honor to the fillies as well as the colts. By considering both sire and mare lines, the cutting horse industry will continue to achieve new heights and discover fresh sources of excellence.

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